Associate Degree Program

Preparing for the Bachelor's Degree at the Associate degree level can be a great option for those who wish to pursue their ambitions without putting the lives on hold.

The Associate degree program at Riverbanks University comes up with multiple benefits, including the freedom to learn from whenever and wherever you want. If you are a recent high school graduate, the associate degree program is a viable stepping stone towards earning your Bachelor's degree, bolstering it up with the credit transfer facility.

Many students choose to do an Associate Degree to enter the work force and continue to complete the baccalaureate studies. As statistics reveal, earning an Associate degree is a sure way to enhance the career prospects and boost your salary multiple times.

Students articulated transfer programs who have completed 60 credits may apply for an Associate Degree in Arts or Science as proof of having successfully completed their first two years of college.

Bachelors Degree Program

As a Bachelor's degree student at Riverbanks, you will be able to benefit from a range of resources, including flexible degree structures, varied course options, connections with leading industry tycoons and specialists, as well as myriads of scholarship opportunities.
You shall be undertaking units of study under different course options, usually through video lectures and online tutorials.
The courses are completely online i.e. you won't have to commute to some study center in order to complete the degree program. You may complete them online depending on the convenience and flexibility offered through the online course study.

Masters Degree Program

Take your degree program to another level through Riverbanks's online Master's degree programs. It features a range of diverse coursework programs, with thousands of students graduated for tailor made programs, including professionals and managers working in a highly competitive environment.

Students have the possibility of choosing from a combination of flexible, online courses providing roles where participants can share their learning with experienced professors and class facilitators, as well as interact with other co participants at the same time.

The programs have been specially designed to fit the lifestyles of busy professionals who have various commitments, so that students can dedicate adequate time to their study modules. Students shall be evaluated through a range of assessments, reports, case studies and work projects from time to time. Students would be expected to perform at their best.

Doctorate Degree Program

The Doctoral at the Riverbanks's University Doctorate degree program aims to train researchers in the areas of specialization. These doctorates would be able to become active part of the universities, research centers and innovative companies as they complete their degree program. They will constitute the new generation of specialists who generate new knowledge through research, will become part of future academics and will become team leaders, senior consultants for both the national and multinational growing industries of the world.

The research carried out within the doctoral program will be a source of new knowledge, models and technologies, hoping in this way to contribute to the scientific development of the world, of the region and of the universities participating in the program.

We aim to produce graduates of the highest standard, with a broad domain of discipline and ability to develop original and relevant research in their field. Program graduates will be qualified to perform academic positions at institutions of higher education, both in teaching and research. They may also develop research and development related institutions.

PhD Degree Program

At Riverbanks University, you are met by a range of research options and a diversified body of professionals who can complete their doctorate degree program from a reputable institute. The PhD degree is a highly reputed degree that denotes the highest point of learning of a candidate for a chosen field of learning.

Within the doctorate degree program, students have the opportunity to inspire creativity for themselves and thrust ahead in the fields of learning.

Short Diploma & Certifications

At Riverbanks University, we place great stress on the importance of online diploma program, its development and delivery to the students so that they can acquire great skills within a limited period of time. To live in the interconnected and globalized world of the 21st century, we need a critical thinking skills and an international mindset. Education Program provided by the Riverbanks University prepares students to learn to recognize and understand the need of the professional life and move ahead.

The International Diploma Program is a rigorous and balanced educational program, both for young people and working adults who are generally given in a course and leads to examinations. It is an excellent preparation for college and professional life, and is widely recognized among the leading universities in the world.

You can choose from the following certificate and diploma programs

Undergraduate Diploma

Graduate Diploma

Undergraduate Certification

Graduate Certification

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