Division of Social Sciences

The graduate school of Social Sciences t Riverbanks University is an institution of highly dynamic online academic training in sociology, anthropology and science of the population.

It is dedicated to thorough research on societies and cultures today; it contributes to the construction of disciplinary and interdisciplinary social sciences, and is a hub of international scientific exchanges. Doctoral students enrolled at the Division of Social Sciences offers high-level scientific activities in various forms: study days, webinars, courses, workshops, etc.

The school gives great reasons to the students who have the willingness to give space to new dynamic communication researchers (PhD students, graduate students) and young professionals who wish to publish their research and reflections. Articles are selected by an international editorial board: information mainly composed of doctoral students in social sciences, according to the original character and depth of analysis they offer.


Degree Programs Diploma Programs Certificate Programs
Associate Degree Undergraduate Diploma Undergraduate Course Certificate
Bachelor’s Degree Graduate Diploma Graduate Course Certificate
Master’s Degree   Undergraduate Course Certificate
Doctorate Degree   Graduate Certificate
Doctorate Degree    


English Mass communication History
Sociology Journalism Economics

Career Prospects

Given the current economic climate and the increased competition for graduate positions, there is a varied range of occupational areas. Social sciences qualifications provide an excellent background for a wide range of careers. Opportunities can be found across all sectors and in a number of occupations. Education, central and local government, finance, health and social care, law, the media, public services, campaigning and research are frequent career choices. Your chosen social sciences field will help you earn the following average salaries:

Majors Average Annual Salaries
Economics $89,450 - $99,360
English $37,000 - $60000
Mass Communication $27,010 - $63,280
History $25,850 - $95,750
Sociology $69,210 - $72,360

News & Updates

  • Riverbanks University introduces anytime, anywhere accessible online content

  • Riverbanks University Broadens the Career Prospects of its Students through its new Career Center