Division of Nursing

Riverbanks University’s Division of nursing has been developed for ambitious graduates, with a background in nursing who want to manage the application of technology and explore its context with regards to the clinical development in the modern world.

The overall development of the course is to help you to understand how to manage information systems and technology across the range of commercial and not for profit hospitals and organizations that deal in the development of humanity. This would give you an excellent springboard for your future development for a wide range of careers in the field of nursing.

We have excellent links with the professionals in the health and care. The professionals would provide with the insights and challenges and approaches to the client work and the variety of careers available at the organizations. You’ll really see how well managed Division of Nursing makes to the world of Nursing where you shall be entering.


Degree Programs Diploma Programs Certificate Programs
Associate Degree Undergraduate Diploma Undergraduate Course Certificate
Bachelor’s Degree Graduate Diploma Graduate Course Certificate
Master’s Degree   Undergraduate Course Certificate
Doctorate Degree   Graduate Certificate
Doctorate Degree    



Career Prospects

The Division of Nursing ensures that students keep pace with the changes and challenges of the nursing field today, by fostering an atmosphere of learning. Our Nursing major provides excellence in teaching, research and clinical practice. Below is the average salary you will be able to earn in the field of nursing:

Majors Average Annual Salaries
Nursing $40,380 - $64,690

News & Updates

  • Riverbanks University introduces anytime, anywhere accessible online content

  • Riverbanks University Broadens the Career Prospects of its Students through its new Career Center