Division of Law and Legal Studies

Riverbanks’s long established Division of Law and Legal Studies allows you to take your cross curricular knowledge to an advanced level by the end of your studies. Our courses are a mix of academia and practice so that we can ensure your learning by the theories that have evolved over the time and then apply it right away into your workplace. They provide an excellent grounding into your legislative and legal work.  You will be taught by our members of our legal framework as well as by the experts and academics of the world renowned legal unit.

If you wish to add further strength to your program, we allow taking on additional courses and giving you expertise in the areas surrounding the academic development, including industrial relations, human resource development, organizational behavior with a strong emphasis on comparative issues.


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Legal Studies


Career Prospects

According to the 2011 eLearners Index, an online master's degree in business administration is the #14 most popular online degree.

Job possibilities: Marketing manager, sales manager, management analyst, financial analyst, financial advisor, database administrator, and chief executive officer.

Salary information: 2012 median beginning salary for MBA's: $90,000; many industries report significantly higher beginning salaries. (U.S News & World Report)

Majors Average Annual Salaries
Legal Studies $46,680 - $124,750

News & Updates

  • Riverbanks University introduces anytime, anywhere accessible online content

  • Riverbanks University Broadens the Career Prospects of its Students through its new Career Center