Division of Health Sciences

Riverbanks University Division of Health Sciences’ is one of the highly regarded online schools in the world.  The school currently offers specialization courses in Nutritional and Health Sciences designed to give you the professional skills and thorough knowledge of human health.

The courses are taught by the leading experts with an international research reputation in their field. Our graduates are sought after by employers because of their authoritative knowledge and practical skills that they acquire during their studies. The depth of the knowledge gained at Riverbanks University also delivers a thorough grounding upon which you can build further knowledge. Besides, our diversity allows students to build knowledge enabling you to expand your cultural awareness and in turn help you to boost your study.


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Nutritional and Health Sciences


Career Prospects

Health Sciences touches on many aspects of society, so graduates can pursue a career in lots of different areas. With excellent analytical skills, a comprehensive overview of the healthcare system and specialized knowledge and skills, students will be a valuable asset to many employers in the healthcare sector. Below is the average salary you will be able to earn in the field of nutritional and health sciences:

Majors Average Annual Salaries
Nutritional and Health Sciences $53,250 - $58,450

News & Updates

  • Riverbanks University introduces anytime, anywhere accessible online content

  • Riverbanks University Broadens the Career Prospects of its Students through its new Career Center