Division of Business and Management

Riverbanks’s Division of Business and Management is a global nexus of business professionals and leaders combining their skills, knowledge and experience at one point, and in turn, design a curriculum that meets the ever growing demands of the professionals and entrepreneurs globally. Students are taught with reference to real life issues and problems and are prepared to develop themselves as the professionals for the next century!

Our range of programs and development field allow working mothers and busy entrepreneurs to adjust their tough schedule as per the needs and demands of the workplace. It also help you helps you determine the direction for future development and the course for future development in the coming years. We believe that the standard for academic excellence and the faculty involvement in the development of the course curriculum acts as a key factor for success of our students in the contemporary business world.


Degree Programs Diploma Programs Certificate Programs
Associate Degree Undergraduate Diploma Undergraduate Course Certificate
Bachelor’s Degree Graduate Diploma Graduate Course Certificate
Master’s Degree   Undergraduate Course Certificate
Doctorate Degree   Graduate Certificate
Doctorate Degree    


Human Resource Management Accounting Management
Project Management Quality Management Logistics Management
International Business Marketing Finance
Advertising Entrepreneurship Retail Management
Hospitality Management Product and Brand Management Aviation Management
Real Estate Management Construction Management

Career Prospects

The Division of Business & Management prepares individuals to climb up the corporate ladder or enter the business world. Our diversified range of majors helps you take your business to a higher level. Below are the average salaries you will be able to earn according to the field you choose to specialize in.

Majors Average Annual Salaries
Marketing $29,000 - $100,000
Accounting $33,232 - $61,690
Finance $68,200 - $103,910
Management $42,960 - $119,260
Advertising $45,350 - $108,260
Entrepreneurship $111,000 - $150,000

News & Updates

  • Riverbanks University introduces anytime, anywhere accessible online content

  • Riverbanks University Broadens the Career Prospects of its Students through its new Career Center